Honest Firearms Opinion

I, as many of you are, am a firearms and shooting enthusiast. But, I’ve had a real hard time over the years sorting though a lot of B.S. and ‘favorable’ reviews in hopes of getting favoritism from vendors and distributors. I make a commitment when writing this that I will never sugar coat something I don’t like.¬†That said, if someone wants to send me something to test, I won’t say no, but don’t expect me to change my opinion based on what you send me.

Also, keep in mind that these are my opinions. I know some people get upset when someone says something about a gun they like. Glock is a prime example. I am not a huge fan of Glock. To me they are like the Toyota or Honda of the gun world. Yes they work, yes they are reliable and I would never argue against that. But, they are boring.

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