CZ P07 9mm – The polymer pistol I didn’t know I needed. 

I think the title actually says it all. Looking at the CZ pistols through the glass cases and attached to wire or chains at gun shops and shows I never thought much about them. My 2nd or 3rd gun was a CZ 452 22LR bolt action rifle and really chalked up CZ as a maker of very fine Rifles. Further proof of CZ being a fine rifle maker is my CZ 527 FS that I use as a Scout Rifle, I call it my ‘Groundhog’ gun. Looking at their pistols I really got the impression of them being just a post-Soviet Browning HI-Power clones with modern updated machining and mods. Years pass, many pistols and rifles have come and gone, yet I never gave CZ a second chance. Finally, after years of neglecting CZ I got my hands on a CZ 75 Retro and loved it. Super fun, super well built, and really changed my mind on CZ Pistols. I’ll do a full write up on the Retro soon, because this isn’t about the legendary CZ 75.


My love affair with the P07 started by accident. I hate Black Friday shopping but with the day off and a Facebook post about guns on sale at a local shop the wife and I decided to go to Dayton, eat some BBQ, and hit up a couple gun shops. (Plus I agreed to take her to Marshalls, she loves Marshalls.) Shop 1 and 2 proved to be fruitless. Shop 1 I almost picked up a Remington R51, but decided against it. Shop 2, looked at an AUG I’ve been wanting for a while but, decided it was more than I wanted to spend. Shop 3 a Ruger American full sized in 9mm decided to follow me home, but so did a P07. As soon as I picked it up it felt like it was made for me.


proshot_20161205_192925proshot_20161205_192932proshot_20161205_192922When you pick up the CZ P07 you get the feeling you are holding something quality. It feels very solid for a polymer pistol; most modern polymer guns feel solid in your hand but this one you could forget the frame isn’t made of metal. The grip texture is minimal when compared to something like the HK VP9 or Walther PPQ that have grip texturing covering almost the entire grip. That being said, the texture pattern on the side of the grip is extremely aggressive. The horizontal cut pattern on the front of the grip is not overdone but still has the right amount of hook up. Reminds me a lot of the cuts on the front of a 1911 grip. There is a textured ‘thumb’ spot in front of the slide release that is a nice target for your thumb if you use the thumbs forward grip. 11 degree grip angle feels comfortable and gives good control on follow up shots, and the cut in the beaver-tail is high enough to really allow the pistol to ride high to control muzzle flip and recoil. The incorporation of fairly deep forward and rear slide serrations allow for easy and quick manipulation of the pistol without feeling like it’s going to slip or slide.The slide is machined with a taper allowing the back to be squared off and the front to have a nice profile. Overall it gives the pistol a very nice look and profile. The pistol feels a bit heavy, which seems to all reside in the slide. Very tight tolerances allow for almost no slop in the receiver to slide. The barrel also fits extremely tight into the slide. Everything fits together as tight as a Glock or Sig Sauer, which is amazing for the price of the pistol.











Everyone has their favorite trigger action, style, and way to carry it. Double-Action, Single-Action, Striker-Fire, DA/SA all have their own benefits. The CZ P07 comes with the Omega Trigger System. The Omega System is a Double/Single Action Trigger based on the proven CZ75 trigger, with fewer parts and more reliability. The first stage Double-Action has a clean slightly heavy initial pull, however there is a clear space once the hammer is pulled back before the sear breaks to drop it. Reminds me a lot of a double-action revolver. The single action pull has a slight amount of pre-travel followed by a slight creep with almost no over travel. It is one of the nicest out of the box triggers I have ever shot. One of the cool things you can do with the Omega system on the CZ P07 is change the decocking lever to a manual safety. Personally, I would leave the pistol with the decocker, but whatever floats your boat. The decocking lever returns the hammer to the ‘half’ cocked position. The hammer has a nice texture on the gripping surface, but I find that is is hard to cock this pistol without having to change grip.


Bottom Line:

Actual shooting the gun was a great experience. My wife, who is shorter and has tiny hands, enjoyed shooting the pistol as much as I did. Her accuracy with the pistol was great as well.


21 Feet 5 Rounds


21 Feet 5 Rounds – Wife (We’re ignoring the little guy at the bottom)



Trigger Pull Weight

Double-Action: 11 lb 4 oz
Single-Action: 3 lb 11 oz
Double-Action: 10 lb 1 oz (Hammer Dropped by Decocker)






So with everything great there is always something you don’t like or would change. I feel like the slide release is a little forward from where I like it. The hammer is small and hard to manually cock and the magazine release is a slightly odd square nub that just hangs out. But, everything else on this pistol I love!


Build Quality: Excellent – Tight fitting parts, no slide wiggle or rattles.

Reliability/Feeding: Excellent – Fed pistol with 300 Rounds of Re-manufactured and Aluminum Case without issue.

Accuracy: Excellent – Immediately out of the box at 21 feet with Re-Man Ammo 1.5″ 5 Shot Group

Value/Price: Excellent – $499 Retail Price w/Case, 2 Mags, 3 Palm Swells

Shooter Size: All Ranges – My XL Glove size hands it fit great & my Wife’s Small Glove hands still fit great.


Recommended Use: Concealed or Open Carry, Range Shooting, Duty Carry, Home Defense

Would you suggest someone buy this gun? YES! Without a doubt.

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