CZ P07 9mm – The polymer pistol I didn’t know I needed. 

I think the title actually says it all. Looking at the CZ pistols through the glass cases and attached to wire or chains at gun shops and shows I never thought much about them. My 2nd or 3rd gun was a CZ 452 22LR bolt action rifle and really chalked up CZ as a maker of very fine Rifles. Further proof of CZ being a fine rifle maker is my CZ 527 FS that I use as a Scout Rifle, I call it my ‘Groundhog’ gun. Looking at their pistols I really got the impression of them being just a post-Soviet Browning HI-Power clones with modern updated machining and mods. Years pass, many pistols and rifles have come and gone, yet I never gave CZ a second chance. Finally, after years of neglecting CZ I got my hands on a CZ 75 Retro and loved it. Super fun, super well built, and really changed my mind on CZ Pistols. I’ll do a full write up on the Retro soon, because this isn’t about the legendary CZ 75.
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